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The curing houses of “Jamones Nevadensis” are situated in the village of Trevélez at the foot of the highest peaks of the Sierra Nevada mountain range, in the Alpujarra region of the Granada province. Here we prepare our Trevélez Serrano Ham according to traditional methods dating back to 1862. Surrounded by nature and using the best meat available, our hams are guaranteed an authentic pleasure to consume.

Visit our online shop and buy your Serrano Ham direct from our curing house in Trevélez in Spain, without any middleman.

From €69,95 IGP Trevélez Ham

IGP Trevélez Ham

Ham with Denomination of Origin IGP Jamón de Trevélez. The legs are prepared with pork and seasalt without any form of additives. Each leg is selected by our traditional experts.

From €44 Nevadensis Ham

Nevadensis Ham

Ham from the Alpujarras cured by Nevadensis. The legs are prepared with pork and seasalt without any form of additives. Each leg is selected by our traditional experts.

From €29,95 Shoulderham Nevadensis

Shoulderham Nevadensis

Shoulderham (Paletas) from the Alpujarra cured by Nevadensis. The legs are prepared with pork and seasalt without any form of additives. Each leg is selected by our traditional experts.

From €25 Ham Accessories Kit

Ham Accessories Kit

These kits contain the accessories you need to start enjoying a delicious ham. Ham stands and knives, and we discount the price when bought in combination with a ham.

From €210 Iberian Ham

Iberian Ham

Iberian Ham "Pata Negra" naturally and traditionally cured in Trevélez. De ham is made with Iberian pork and seasalt, without any other additives. These hams are handpicked by our experts.

From €58 Pre-Sliced Serrano Ham

Pre-Sliced Serrano Ham

Vacuum-packed sliced ham for easy consumption and conservation.

The Secret of Serrano Ham

The secret of our superb Serrano Ham is really quite simple. We use the best sources, including the exclusive use of female pigs of only the best breeds, with the only other ingredients being seasalt at just the right quantity (2.58%), the knowledge of our experts, and a long slow curing in our curing houses in Trevélez in Spain.

Box with a Serrano Ham from Trevélez, Alpujarra, Spain

A natural curing process in a truly unique environment is what makes our products meet the highest standards of quality and food safety. In simple terms, the best Serrano Ham from Spain that money can buy.

  • Only the Best Sources

    Legs from pigs of superb quality, selected one-by-one by our experts, are used to make our traditional ham.

  • 100% Natural Production

    Traditional, natural preparation methods, under strict control for quality and food safety, result in a 100% naturally cured Serrano Ham.

  • A Longstanding Tradition

    Our traditional curing houses are situated in such a way to make the best use of the clean, cold and dry mountain air that passes through the valley of the Trevélez river.

Looking after every detail

At Jamones Nevadensis we look after every detail so that our customers enjoy the best experience possible entering the world of ham. We have designed special packaging that help to deliver you our product in a perfect condition.

Both our whole hams and our cut products are easy to use. In addition, we can prepare every ham either machine- or traditionally hand sliced, simply select this option when choosing your ham from Trevélez.

Box Nevadensis Serrano Ham

Our Best-Selling Serrano Ham

Ham Nevadensis Gran Reserva 15 Months

"Gran Reserva" Ham from the Alpujarra cured for at least 15 months.

From 7,2kg to 7,7kg
Approximately  8,93 per kg

Shoulderham Nevadensis Maximum

Shoulderham with the distinctive black toes from premium breeds, selected by our experts for this very special shoulderham.

 10,89 per kg

Nevadensis Duroc Ham PGI Trevélez Cured for more than 30 Months

A very special Duroc ham with the guarantee of the Protected Geographical Indication Trevélez, of our famous Nevadensis brand, cured for a minimum of 30-months in the Sierra Nevada.

From 8,3kg to 8,8kg
Approximately  13,95 per kg

Jamón de Trevélez - Indicación Geográfica Protegida
Calidad del Jamón Certificada
Bureau Veritas Certificación ISO 9001 Jamones Nevadensis
Certificación de Jamones en España 10.15544 / GR C.E.

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